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Micro Inverter Project Completed

After a hectic few months, the micro inverter is now fully working with decent results.

I used a 3 KHz low-pass filter mainly because of cost but the sine wave still turned out to be quite good. The inverter delivers between 115-120V (RMS) and
can handle up to 3 Amps all while delivering a 60 Hz sine wave.

It’s a decent outcome for a first time project but there is still room for improvement such as making it more compact.

Inverter Protoype

Capstone Update – Sine wave Inverter

The first milestone of my final capstone project involves making an inverter from scratch. The inverter also has to output a relatively clean 60Hz sine wave.

The inverter is to be supplied from a solar panel. For my small scale prototype so far I only used a 9V battery + the Arduino 5V supply since it is convenient to work with.

My inverter consists of an H-Bridge which is basically four MOSFETs that switch on in pairs. The circuit I made is very bare bone but gives a decent sine wave.I used an Arduino Uno to do Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) to switch the MOSFETs and then filtered the output.

As seen, the sine wave was relatively decent for this type of set-up. Putting in a better filtering system and some pull-down resistors, etc would yield an even better result. Also creating an actual PCB over a “spaghetti circuit” would help with noise as well.

Also you might notice the oscilloscope I’m using is a portable handheld one. It has a good resolution and is good for my application as I am not working with high switching frequencies (greater than 1Mhz). It’s an ARM Nano DSO201 if you’re wondering and is not expensive.

Below are some snapshots of my prototype:
Inverter circuit

Inverter output

Ontario Releases Updated Long-term Energy Plan

Ontario recently released its long term energy plan. It can be viewed at the following link:

Ontario looks to move toward “green energy”. It also talks about the refurbishment of the Bruce and Darlington nuclear plant refurbishment, set to start in 2016. The Pickering nuclear plant is scheduled to be shut down in 2020.

Capstone Project

wind-turbines-connected-to-gridMy Winter 2014 Capstone project is titled “Integration of Alternate Sources of Generation into the Grid”

More details to follow as semester progresses.